Weight Loss Update: High Five to Five Months

I cannot believe that five months ago we started our weight loss journey to become healthier versions of ourselves.  We have received so much encouragement along the way and have been able to help others on their weight loss journey.  Since I didn’t post a four month update, I’m going to catch y’all up on what’s been going on with us on our journey.  Warning:  This post has a few “Woohoos”.

After I posted my 12-week update with photos of my progress at the beginning of March, it took me about a month to go from 28 pounds down to 31 pounds down.  Surprisingly, my spring break trip to Chattanooga didn’t hurt me too much (because I surely threw MyFitnessPal out the window).  Anyways, there I was at the beginning of April (4 month mark) FINALLY over 30 pounds down.  Woohoo!  In that month, I bought a new pair of jeans (smaller size) and a couple of new tops.  Let me tell you, I’m feeling great!  I didn’t mention it in the beginning; however, my goal was to be truly dedicated to losing 30 pounds and after that I would take it “easy”.  “Easy” in the sense of enjoying myself on the weekends a little bit more (I still exercise and count calories).  Now, I’m focused on losing 3-5 pounds per month instead of 8-10 pounds per month.  My husband is at the point where he is comfortably maintaining/want to lose 5-10 more pounds.  In five months, he lost close to 40 pounds.  Woohoo!


As of today, I’m down 34 pounds! Woohoo! I still focus on low-carb meals during the work week.  We eat egg quiche cups for breakfast (we love them), salads for lunch, and a low-carb dinner.  On the weekends, we do incorporate our low-carb meals but also treat ourselves to Birmingham eats.  As I mentioned before, I still make it a point to exercise daily and count my calories on MyFitnessPal.  Oh, speaking of exercise, I tried circuit training and it kicked my ass.  However, I will definitely continue to do it because it was a wonderful kicking of my butt.  I seem to do better at that than yoga.  At the end of the day, my overall goal is a healthier lifestyle and to lose 20-30 more pounds over the course of this year.


Lastly, I want to develop #WeightLossBham community, but I will focus on that once this school year is over!  One step at a time…

If you have any questions, please comment below or send me a message via email.


  1. Nadine | 8th May 17

    Congrats girl!!!! Hitting a big mark like 30 pounds feels so amazing right??? I am slowly trying to get myself back on track. It is so hard to get the motivation going but once I am full speed I know I will feel so much better! Good luck with Weight Loss Bham and let me know if you need any help!

    • Alicia | 16th May 17

      Thank you so much for your support from the beginning!! Yes, hitting 30 pounds felt great :))))

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